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Ceramic Welding Repair

Ceramic welding repair

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Ceramic Welding Repair—the most effective solution
Ceramic welding repair is one of the most advanced contemporary hot repair technology, which can realize the online repair of the furnace. Little impact on the production, fast and efficient, firm and long-term keeping are the characters of this technology. It is suitable for the repair of glass furnace, coking furnace and other furnaces that cannot stop working, and it can obviously improve the using condition of the furnaces so as to prolong the using life.
Our company is the expert in hot repair field. We have grasped the ceramic welding repair technology developed and researched independently, and we are also familiar with various kinds of damage of furnaces during their producing. We have supplied our service to hundreds of domestic glass furnaces and metallurgy furnaces, which has already created considerable economic profits for our customers.
Mainly applied to:
(1) Online hot ceramic welding repair for float glass furnace flame space furnace lining.
(2) Online hot ceramic welding repair for container vessel glass furnace flame space furnace lining.
(3) Online hot ceramic welding repair for coking furnace oven wall.
(4) Hot ceramic welding repair for blast furnace hot wind system.
(5) Hot ceramic welding repair for inner cylinder lime kiln.
(6) Online hot ceramic welding repair for other continuous furnace lining.

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