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General Manager Speech

Dear furnace professionals, thank you for your long-term support and attention to Shanghai Jiehui.


Shanghai Jiehui was established in 2008 which is the global financial crisis year. Many people thought we were born at the wrong time, and we doomed to suffer many mishaps in our life. Facing the adversity, Jiehui didn’blame others. Jiehui has standed through wind and rain these years, and tenaciously strived to succeed. We have won the trust of our customers by our professional spirit, highly responsible attitude and excellent quality, which makes us grow up as the leading company in the domestic furnace hot repair industry in a few years.

Think back to the entrepreneurial process of these years, our success cannot leave the support and assist of these teachers, experts and friends who are always concerned about us. Among them, some are the leaders in major design institutes, some are respected professors and scholars who are all concerning about the development of China industrial furnace longevity technology, and hoping China as a global furnace power can also have the professional furnace repair and maintenance company as other developed countries’ so that to improve China online furnace repair technology. It highly fits to Jiehui’s wish. It is under their encouragement and support that leads Jiehui to get today’s achievement. Please allow me on behalf of all the members in Jiehui to send our heartfelt thanks.

Meanwhile, I would like to thank our customers. Without your trust, we couldn’t have got so fast growth.If the furnaces having some problems are as the "patient", we are as the "doctor" to cure these ill furnaces. With the improvement of the manufacture level, our customers give us higher requirements a new ‘health management’ mode for the furnaces that we are always seeking for. We can improve the predictability of the working condition and damage situation of the furnaces by means of immediate and comprehensive inspection, and do some preventative intervention and maintenance as soon as possible. This new mode brings a revolution to the present furnace maintenance work. It also requires us to prepare more means of inspection and maintenance. Jiehui will accept this mission, and continues to pay attention to the D&R of furnace online hot repair technology to create more value to the majority industrial furnace users.