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Spraying and Painting Construction

Spraying and Painting Construction

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Spraying and Painting Construction—the most efficient and economic construction service

With the continuously increasing scale of the unshaped refractory applied to industrial furnaces, different kinds of spraying and painting technology are widely applied to the building and maintenance work of the furnaces. Our company owns the most comprehensive spraying and painting technology as well as the rich construction experience including dry method, semidry method, wet method and plastic method in the domestic market. We can supply the most efficient and economic construction service to the building and maintenance of all kinds of industrial furnaces, and provided the industrial furnaces users with the most appropriate refractory.

 Mainly applied to:

(1) Spraying and painting for the top crown of the float glass furnace and outside wall insulation.

(2) Spraying and painting construction for metallurgy furnace and other kinds of furnace lining.

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